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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Americana Highway #84 - July 30, 2006

This week on WIVK's Americana Highway it's songs about the great state of Tennessee and the places and cities within its border. We'll salute the Volunteer State with great Americana, Bluegrass and Country songs from The Del McCoury Band, The Wreckers, Dolly Parton, Robinella, Ricky Skaggs, Mic Harrison, The John Cowan Band, Melonie Cannon, Lee Ann Womack, Sugarland, Jeff Barbra & Sarah Pirkle, Mark Knopfler, Susan Haynes, Doug & Telisha Williams and many more!

If there's a "Tennessee Tune" you'd like to hear...just shoot Jack Ryan a message at the end of this blog entry, or fire off an email and send it to:


Don't forget that The Americana Highway now has a page on We'd love to add you to our group of friends. Just visit our page at and join in the fun.

  • Tennessee Roads by Melanie Cannon
  • Tennessee by The Wreckers
  • Nashville Cats by The Del McCoury Band
  • Montgomery To Memphis by Lee Ann Womack
  • Road To Knoxville by Steep Canyon Rangers
  • Tennessee Stud by The Little Willies
  • Tennessee by Sugarland
  • Nashville Blues by Steve Dilling
  • In Bristol Town by The John Cowan Band
  • Lonely Boy From Tennessee by Jeff Barbra & Sarah Pirkle
  • Tennessee In My Windshield by Rebecca Lynn Howard
  • Long Way To Memphis by Susan Haynes
  • Tennessee Blues by Ricky Skaggs (with Tony Rice)
  • Daddy's Gone To Knoxville by Mark Knopfler
  • Tennessee Saturday Night by Robinella
  • Knoxville Girl by Larry Stephenson
  • Nashville by Doug & Telisha Williams
  • Tennessee by Karen Nash
  • Tennessee Waltz by HEM
  • My Tennessee Mountain Home by Dolly Parton
  • Tennessee Whiskey by Linda Hargrove
  • Back To Knoxville by Mic Harrison
  • That's How I Got To Memphis by The Charlie Sizemore Band
  • Share Them With You by Reagan Boggs

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Americana Highway #83 - July 23, 2006

This week we proudly present: The Americana Highway A to Z! We'll start off with an artist who begins with the letter "A" and wind our way down the alphabet playing great Bluegrass, Americana and Country music until we get to an artist that begins with the letter "Z".


Our "A" artist is Jody Adams. Our "B" artist is Blue Moon Rising. Our "C" artist is Johnny Cash. And we won't stop playing great songs until we get to our "Z" artist which is Zoe Speaks!

  • Bluegrass Baby by Jody Adams
  • This Old Martin Box by Blue Moon Rising
  • Like The 309 by Johnny Cash
  • Rope Around My Heart by Doug & Telisha
  • Meet Me In The Morning by Drew Emmitt
  • I Am The Mountain by The Fritts Family
  • Time by The Greencards
  • That's What Your Love Does by Kerry Harvick
  • He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good by Sonya Isaacs
  • The Dollar by Jamey Johnson
  • Brand New Song by Will Kimbrough
  • Never Been Sadder by Amy LaVere
  • Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow by The Del McCoury Band
  • You've Still Got It by Alecia Nugent (with Alison Krauss)
  • Try A Little Kindness by Bobby Osbourne & The Rocky Top X-Press
  • Down by Pinmonkey
  • Shakespeare Avenue by Liz Queler
  • Break It Down Baby by Robinella
  • Carla by Todd Snider
  • Black Horse & The Cherry Tree by K.T. Tunstall
  • Booth Shot Lincoln by Uncle Earl
  • Heartbreaker's Alibi by Rhonda Vincent (with Dolly Parton)
  • You & Me & San Antoine by Wild Horses
  • Art Of Virtue by Adrienne Young
  • Richmond Blues by Zoe Speaks

Friday, July 14, 2006

Americana Highway #82 - July 16, 2006

There's an old Jim Croce song that states "I've Got A Name"...well, this week on WIVK's Americana Highway EVERYONE'S got a name...because we're playing The Name Game. Each song you'll hear during the program will include a name. Tune in for tunes about Charlie, Jim, Nancy, Valerie, Joe, Marie, John, even Cousin Russell and Ophelia!
You'll hear great Americana, Bluegrass and Country music from some of the biggest names in the biz: Dolly, Doyle, Shawn, Darrell, Miranda and Robinella. Plus, some new names to our Highway roster: Idgy, Jed & Kelly, Darcy, Don and Michelle.
As always, if there's a song you'd like to hear Jack Ryan play on the program just use the "Comment" function here on the website, or send an email with your request to
  • No One Here By That Name by Donna Beasley
  • Joe's Place by Mike Dekle
  • Carla's Got A New Tattoo by John Cowan Band
  • Donna Rose by The Biscuit Burners
  • Marie Laveaux by Robinella
  • John The Revelator by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • Pearl Of Georgia by Idgy Vaughn
  • Me & Charlie Talking by Miranda Lambert
  • Big Jim by Don Rigsby
  • Kelly's Song by Shawn Mullins
  • Black Eyed Susan by Jed & Kelly
  • Anthony by Nickel Creek
  • Amanda by Don Williams
  • Joan Henry by Michelle Nixon & The Drive
  • Ophelia by Jeff Talmadge
  • Nancy Derringer by The Millroys
  • Me & Bobby McGee by Dolly Parton (with Kris Kristofferson)
  • Hey Valerie by The Derailers
  • Walking With Joanna by The Gibson Brothers
  • Hank Williams' Ghost by Darrell Scott
  • Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift
  • Cousin Russell by Tony Holt & The Wildwood Valley Boys
  • The Ballad Of Kitty Brown by The Greencards
  • Jealous Jane by Darcy Lynne Ward
  • Jody by Scott Miller & The Commonwealth

Friday, July 07, 2006

Americana Highway #81 - July 9, 2006

This week on The Americana Highway we're slippin' "Under The Covers" with a show packed full of great songs that you probably know - sung by some incredible Bluegrass, Americana and Country artists that you probably know as well. The catch? The artists are singing songs that others sent to the top of the charts. The songs are called "covers" - and this week Jack Ryan has stacked the turntable with side after side of great ones! You'll hear from Rhonda Vincent, Bruce Springsteen, Dr. Ralph Stanley, Alecia Nugent, Old Crow Medicine Show, Kacey Jones, Scott Miller, The Del McCoury Band, and many more!
As always, if there's a song you'd like to us to spin on the show just send Jack Ryan and email with the name of the song and artist you're wanting to hear. The email address is:
  • Jackson by Reagan Boggs & Scott Miller
  • Midnight Angel by Rhonda Vincent (with Bobby Osbourne)
  • Down Home Girl by Old Crow Medicine Show
  • Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down by Gretchen Wilson
  • Back Street Affair by Van Morrison
  • Old Dan Tucker by Bruce Springsteen
  • Letter From Home by Alecia Nugent
  • Surfer Girl by Dave Alvin
  • Runnin' With The Devil by John Cowan Band
  • Keep On The Firin' Line by Dr. Ralph Stanley
  • Dreamin' by Amy Speace
  • Drivin' Nails In My Coffin by Ramblin' Jack Elliott
  • Brand New Key by Robinella
  • Country Boy by Lost & Found
  • Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me by Blaine Larsen
  • Runaway Train by Darcy Lynne Ward
  • Long Black Veil by Doug & Telisha Williams
  • Apples Dipped In Candy by Kasey Jones
  • Hawks & Doves by Scott Miller & The Commonwealth
  • Birmingham by Del McCoury Band
  • Girl Next Door by Julie Roberts
  • Bitzkrieg Bop by Bob Delevante
  • Put Your Head On My Shoulder by Blue Mother Tupelo

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Americana Highway #80 - July 2, 2006

Happy Independents Day! No, that's not a typo. This week on WIVK's Americana Highway with Jack Ryan we're celebrating freedom from major record labels - by only playing songs from Independents! You'll hear from some great Americana, Bluegrass and Country music artists who "color outside the lines" and instead of going with a big name, major record label - have decided to go it on their own - as Independents! Some have even released their records all by themselves! Now that's Independence!!
Plus be listening for some very special in-studio guests this week including: Shawn Mulllins, John Cowan, Eric Hanke and Amy Speace!
As always, if there's a song you'd like to hear on the show - this week or any week - just send an email with the name of the song and the artist and ship it to

  • Fastball by Yonder Mountain String Band
  • Let's Call It A Life by Darrell Scott
  • I'll Keep Callin' by Blue Moon Rising
  • Who Cares by Mike Dekle & Morgan Hays
  • Constant Reminder by Jay Clark (with Robinella)
  • Blue As You by Shawn Mullins
  • Pretty by Mickey & The Motorcars
  • God Bless The Soldier by Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
  • Kansas by Fred J. Eaglesmith
  • Never Been Sadder by Amy LaVere
  • Rope Around My Heart by Doug & Telisha Williams
  • Hurting Sure by John Cowan Band
  • Slow Road by Crescent & Frost
  • Red Letter Day by The Gibson Brothers
  • A Solid Gold Band by Heather Berry
  • Who's Bad Now by Michael O'Neal
  • The Border Crossing by Barbara Kooyman
  • Autumn Blues by Eric Hanke
  • Nothing Good To Show For It by Marlow
  • That's Important To Me by Joey Martin
  • A Legend In My Time by Johnny Cash
  • Come Back My Way by Robinella
  • Sit Down With Jesus by The Del McCoury Band
  • Dreamin' by Amy Speace

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