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Friday, July 14, 2006

Americana Highway #82 - July 16, 2006

There's an old Jim Croce song that states "I've Got A Name"...well, this week on WIVK's Americana Highway EVERYONE'S got a name...because we're playing The Name Game. Each song you'll hear during the program will include a name. Tune in for tunes about Charlie, Jim, Nancy, Valerie, Joe, Marie, John, even Cousin Russell and Ophelia!
You'll hear great Americana, Bluegrass and Country music from some of the biggest names in the biz: Dolly, Doyle, Shawn, Darrell, Miranda and Robinella. Plus, some new names to our Highway roster: Idgy, Jed & Kelly, Darcy, Don and Michelle.
As always, if there's a song you'd like to hear Jack Ryan play on the program just use the "Comment" function here on the website, or send an email with your request to
  • No One Here By That Name by Donna Beasley
  • Joe's Place by Mike Dekle
  • Carla's Got A New Tattoo by John Cowan Band
  • Donna Rose by The Biscuit Burners
  • Marie Laveaux by Robinella
  • John The Revelator by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • Pearl Of Georgia by Idgy Vaughn
  • Me & Charlie Talking by Miranda Lambert
  • Big Jim by Don Rigsby
  • Kelly's Song by Shawn Mullins
  • Black Eyed Susan by Jed & Kelly
  • Anthony by Nickel Creek
  • Amanda by Don Williams
  • Joan Henry by Michelle Nixon & The Drive
  • Ophelia by Jeff Talmadge
  • Nancy Derringer by The Millroys
  • Me & Bobby McGee by Dolly Parton (with Kris Kristofferson)
  • Hey Valerie by The Derailers
  • Walking With Joanna by The Gibson Brothers
  • Hank Williams' Ghost by Darrell Scott
  • Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift
  • Cousin Russell by Tony Holt & The Wildwood Valley Boys
  • The Ballad Of Kitty Brown by The Greencards
  • Jealous Jane by Darcy Lynne Ward
  • Jody by Scott Miller & The Commonwealth


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